Friday, June 6, 2008

A Letter.

Dear Anna Veerappan,

I received your messages and I appreciate your concern very much.

I will tell you that I am totally fine here. But it is too hot here. I can not smell any relief. Ayyo, the food is like grass. I am highly missing attige’s appas! Aaan, but what to do? The whole day I have been just running and running. So I am a little tired. Actually I couldn’t find a place to take a bath. I found some pool. Good water, but the people didn’t like me there. Later I came to know that my folks over here are not very fond of bathing. If it is like this here, I wonder how the city would be. Chhe!

So, anna, is it true what I heard? That you have been challenging another state government? I am very very sad. Very sad that you didn’t wait for my return. And how come you even released Rajkumar? He is getting too much publicity. But, churukaaa, you are also all over the television! (Here almost every house has one! Silly people don’t lock their doors. You should come here! But do pack loooot of food. I am so famished.) Good, Aaan!

But, it is my fault that I disappeared. See, you must understand, I am still convalescing. You remember that bitch who kept eyeing me? We were actually secretly seeing each other. I know, I know, you must be shocked. But it was such that I could never could tell you! Not after she stole your precious stolen ivory. Tira sorry! And now she has left me. Yes! I am so miserable. I couldn’t face anybody. She went to Chambal, Tola told me.

But I’ll be okay udane. Then I’ll return to Satyamangalam. Kali stutisu!

Your faithful dog,

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