Saturday, April 19, 2008

Life. Some people would die to have a full piece of this delicious cake, while others might rather die than have to take another bitter bite! And as it turns out… most people loathe their own lives, willingly putting the weight on our dear Lady Luck’s tender shoulders. But they crave for the life that others show off with much pride. Perhaps, we all do. When the curtain falls, others’ applaud… but what remains overlooked is the backstage drama..! What appears true to the naked eye may be just as virtual as a mirage. Eventually, the illusions will dissolve. More often, the truth remains unnoticed, for it’s more convenient to ignore its brutality. And then slowly, the blatant lies… when so often told, with so much confidence,….becomes a loyal companion. Yes,.. the world is graying. No doubt. One day, nature will have its way. This will end. But now, man’s growing... and gradually turning into a gruesome monster. Man has captured the land, the seas,… even the moon!.. He has grown tall, by stooping towards hell! He has achieved greatness. Supremeness. But as they say, ‘it’s very lonely up there at the top….’. So he will fall… he is bound to. And the greater the height he reaches, the more it’s going to hurt. People wriggle.. Wriggle to survive.. to breathe free. Vanity has filled our brains. Such is the sense of self-importance that we fail to see where we actually stand. Take a look at the Globe. No, you can’t spot yourself on it. You are small. I am small. We are nothing but mere creatures who have been bequeathed power.. Power to make a difference.. to save this dying world. This short life that we have been blessed with is not to be spent whining about the unattainable. To want to conquer the whole world with a penny in your pocket is idiocy! But that doesn’t imply that we shouldn’t dream. Dream. Dream big! Be humble. Know your soil. Bow before the Almighty. Pray. Live. Live for the ones seeking for an Angel. Live for your loved ones. More importantly, live for yourself!! During the trying days, weep. Cry over the mistakes you made. Then rectify them. Help others’ lives blossom. Believe in yourself. Then cling on to the hope to stand out…someday!!! ‘Coz in the words of P.B.Shelley, ‘If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?’. ├áNEETHI {Goldhawk!}